May 1987, by combining a range of experiences, knowledge and responsiveness to meet the market needs, PT Aneka Jaya Langgeng Sentosa was built with 'Quality service through experience, knowledge and responsiveness' as our commitment.

Experiences are range of empirical facts that is believed as 'good teacher'. Learning through experiences will bring development and continuous improvement. Knowledge is the key to experiences. The more knowledge we get, the more keys we hold to open the experience doors. Responsiveness is our spectacle to see what is need in the market site. We are responsive to get win-win solution. We believe that the synergy of experiences, knowledge and responsiveness is the main asset to support our existence, and it is the main power to bring a future vision and innovation. Since it was built, PT Aneka Jaya Langgeng Sentosa has been serving its customers eg. Industries, plantations, minings, office buildings and shopping centers. Our main business covers diesel power planning and systems, supplies, installations and after sales service as the most important part of our business. The products and services that we offer are quality achievement and optimal efficiency oriented by offering hi-tech power engine products.


The achievement of synergy between experience and knowledge to provide product quality, service quality and power quality.

AJLS and Groups are committed to be a leading Power company as The Power Provider in which we can offer all of the Power Supply Solution that we call Smart Power Management to provide the complete power requirement such as diesel, gas and new power generation at any sectors. As The Power Provider, we are able to provide our services i.e. Small to medium Power Plan ( 250 kVA to 2500 kVA) from the design to installation, Power house soundproof installation and its mechanical l & electrical supplies works . At the same time we are also providing services for maintenance Power Generation Rental based on Diesel, Gas and New Energy such as standalone Solar Power system.

To generate our vision as The Power Provider, we are welcome to serve a large of group company such as Telecommunication, Oil & Gas company and Mining sector also the Industrial sector through end to end services from design to installation and from regular maintenance to repair and contract services. Since 1987, our company as The Power Provider we always improve our business and develop to provide the latest technology in Diesel Power Generation system and installation to our value customers. To meet the customer requirement to the new power sourcing technology such as gas power Generation and renewable energy power sources (Solar Cell), we’ve acquired the Gas Power Company PT. Putera Persada Perkasa and developing the new sister company PT. Sukamindo Power Supply who deal with the renewable Energy product (Solar System).